Work with a fashion industry expert dedicated to helping her clients define and refine their wardrobes, crystallize their personal "brand"  message through outward appearance and wardrobe.

“Over the past 30 years I have built what I from early on called `the perfect wardrobe`. Since I was little, I took every piece I wanted to get and examined it to the tiniest detail if it fits into the rest of what I own. Once it makes it into the archives of my wardrobe, I know one thing for sure: it will blend and mix with every other piece I have. Effortlessly. That means, I can just grab anything and it will be a perfect match altogether. As a consequence, I rarely spend more than 5 minutes in front of my closet.  This has become an almost automatic procedure.
You can learn a few tricks to how not to stand in front of your overfull closet and still not knowing what to wear.
I call that the “I have nothing to wear”-syndrome."